Which iPad 2 (or used 1st gen) Should You Buy?

Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz has put together a handy dandy chart to help you decide: Wi-Fi only or 3G? How much memory?

Now if he’d go the extra mile with tips on how to afford one… wait, I think that’s already been posted.

Damn. So much for my complaining. Guess I’d better get busy. The internet owes me a paycheck.

Tablets: Toys or Productive Gadget-y sort of Thingamabobs?

Our friends at lifehacker declare that tablets are actually great productivity tools!

It’s all in how you use it, I suppose. I’ve had my iPad at my side for about six months and am still ever-so-slowly bringing it into the work fold. It does track my daily work hours faithfully, and I’m doing a decent job at reading other people’s blogs with it. Productive? IDK. Yet.

That being said, my wife has said she’ll give up her MacBook as soon as I get her iPad to print to our wireless (through Airport) printer. My kids are already making plans for “her” computer to become “their” computer, and “their” old G4 tower to join my collection of iMacs, Duos, and SE-30s in the garage Macintosh Hall of History.

Click here to read what lifehacker editor Whitson Gordon has to say. It’s much better than my lunacy.

Apple’s Official Guided Tours of the iPad 2

Apple has posted a series of videos that spotlight the various features of the upcoming iPad 2, including Facetime, the upgraded Safari (released today in iOS 4.3), Find My iPad app, and Garageband, among others.

For anyone considering making the purchase (or upgrade), or for those of us who are still saving our pennies, there’s plenty to see. So why are you still reading this? Go hit the vids!

Click here for Apple’s collection of videos.

Early reviews of iPad 2

The newest bit of hype from Apple is scheduled to hit the streets in about 36 hours, and many industry types have been playing furiously with pre-release versions to give the rest of the world a glimpse into what will fall into our hands on March 11.

Well, those who can afford to be the front-line adopters, anyway. I’m still happy with my iPad and Dodocase combo.

Our friends at Gizmodo have compiled a sampling of snippets from the media and blogosphere, which you can find here.

Trim a SIM to Micro-SIM size for iPad

It seems the new generation of SIM-based devices are going to the Micro-SIM size. But as people have learned, it just takes a straight edge and scissors or a sharp blade to trim the old down to fit the new.

Why would you? Turns out the iPad isn’t locked to AT&T, so folks with T-Mobile data plans have had some success with their accounts. Full details and a how-to video can be found here at Lifehacker.

Clamcase turns iPad into a netbook…sort of

After much bluster about bluetooth keyboards vs. docking keyboards vs. virtual keyboards with regards to the iPad, one company claims to bring it all together with a protective case to boot. The question is, do I really want my iPad to look like a half-assed net book?

Your call. Gizmodo throws down their two cents as well, plus a link to a promo video.

Someone’s in the Kitchen with an iPad…

One of things I most look forward to using an iPad for is referencing recipes in the kitchen. And while there’s a thousand solutions for stands of all sizes, costs, and quality, this is the first posted example of true integration of the device into the kitchen. Guess I’ll need to break out the Skil Saw.

Full story on unplggd.

Jailbreaking the iPad: Why? And How?

A confession: when it comes to my iPhone, jailbreaking and unlocking has never been an issue. I’m reasonably happy with my AT&T coverage (more so than my previous experiences with T-Mobile and Verizon), and the whole notion of “bricking” my phone gives me the yitzee-yimmees. I save my brick for the front driveway (I drive a Volvo 850R wagon, by the way).

But I do know people who have lept into that corner of über-geekiness and are quite happy. And for you, my friends at Gizmodo have the Why and How for your iPad.

Read the information at Gizmodo with interest. Try it at your own risk.

And there’s another site that covers the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. For the truly brave and hardcore.