A Good Swift Kick in the Teeth

“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” Walt Disney

Motivation is tough, especially when health issues creep in. Those of us with physical problems that limit what we can get done on certain days may look with distain on those who seem to have no problems except the ones in their own head. I know I do.

There are those days when I “hit a wall,” physically speaking. Those days usually coincide with mental and emotional wall-hitting as well, since all these things seem to be tied up together.

I know I certainly didn’t ask for my physical problems. I didn’t sit down one day and think, “Say, I think I’ll order up a big helping of [fill in your own diagnosis], just to be different.” I don’t think anyone WANTS hemophilia, MS, Parkinsons, or any other of a whole host of challenges.

Notice I didn’t say disease, or disability, or even condition. Challenge.

Walt Disney was talking to anyone facing a challenge, any challenge, when he referred to “a kick in the teeth.” Lost your job? Lost your house? Lost your dog? Kick. Kick. Kick.

Born with a physical challenge? Double kick!

So what do you do in response? Do you roll over, play dead, and give in? Or do you fight back? For those of us who fight back, maybe that kick in the teeth was what we needed. Our world is shaken up, pain and all, and we have the chance to start again with a new outlook. The initial reaction should be Not To Be Kicked Again. From there, let’s hit the “reset” button, take a fresh look at life, and give it our all. Again.

Do you need a kick in the teeth to wake up your life? Or are you still recovering from the last kick?


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