Seeing the Little Things

“Too often I would hear men boast of the miles covered that day, rarely of what they had seen.” -Louis L’Amour

My dad is a cowboy. Well, he’s a retired Army Sergeant who’s turned into a weekend cowboy. And a big part of that is his tireless reading of the classic tales of the Old West by Louis L’Amour.

Now, add to this the fact that my earliest memories are of driving across country with my family in the old ’72 Mercury wagon, typically from Alabama to Southern California. At the time, dad was one of those “get as many miles in as possible, and drive through the night if you can” kind of road trippers. I grew up seeing the signs for “Mystery Spot” and “Wall Drug”, but never knew what they were. (In those cases, I later discovered that was for the better.)

Hey, we’re Americans. We’re part of the “Git’R’Done” lifestyle.

But how many of us are hurtling through our everyday lives, logging a lot of hours and really “gittin’ ‘er done,” but missing all the small things in life?

It’s easy to think of the “Mystery Spots” and “Wall Drugs” of life as inconsequential, meaningless, and basically silly. And since they don’t positively affect the Bottom Line, they really can’t be all that important.

When I connect all this with the opening quote from Louis L’Amour, I think of a cowboy on horseback, crossing the western range of the U.S. with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. And apparently, even in his day, many of those cowboys were mostly thinking about where they had to get to, and what they had to get done. And, lost in that mindset, they’ve missed the first sunlight of the eastern sun hitting the tops of the front range mountains, slowly illuminating their majestic faces until the warmth enveloped the entire plain.

Or something equally poetic and flowery about the end of the day. You get the idea. I’ve got things to do.

Are you missing the best parts of your day because of your busy-ness (or business)? Or do you make a conscious effort to enjoy the little things you see each day?


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