Being sick and on the road

So I’m a liver transplant patient (pre-op, as we say), and despite the fact that someday I’ll be sick as a dog, I’ve been remarkably healthy for someone in my condition. So it is that I decided it was a good idea to drive from Southern California to Colorado Springs for the holidays. With, as mentioned last night, two young boys and a wife. No prob!

Of course, as soon as we get here, we start the process of getting sick for the holidays. Growing up, my sister and I would trade off on who was sick at Christmastime. And now the family just came from So Cal to snow and cold, which we’re not used to. So over the last couple weeks, the boys and I have been battling runny noses, coughing, and general nastiness.

I was better for one day and a night, and then things came back. New Years’ Eve, the Bacon and I went to urgent care and got some meds to kick this stuff. Mostly so I could make the trip back hope, sick people or no.

And so far, I got to pretend that I’m not otherwise sick–meaning all the nastiness that can accompany liver disease. Until New Years’ Day, that is.

I still don’t know if I caught a 24-hour bug, had a touch of food poisoning, or just used up all the good health I had stored up. But the chills, body aches, and problems…let’s say in my nether regions kicked up, and it occurred to me that I was 1200 miles from home with none of the meds I could use to combat any of the symptoms. I knew that if the worst had started, it was going to be a very long month. At the very least, a very long drive home.

But my luck held out, and before midnight that night the symptoms broke. Hallelujah!

It did underscore the lack of seriousness I’ve been giving my condition, and the potential for bad things to happen if I continue down this path. While waiting on a liver transplant, I won’t be healthy forever. I need to start preparing for the day that really starts up.


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