Better technology: same old internet

After being on DSL for the past four years or so (and cable before then), I was offered a deal I couldn’t pass up: upgrade to fiber optic for the same price as the DSL. What the heck, right?

Considering the troubles we had getting DSL service moved across town when we moved two years ago, I figured I was asking for trouble. Much to my surprise, the job was done when promised, with no noticable changes to our property. The day of install, they did cut huge trenches across the front lawn, but managed to reset the grass and after a couple of days of decent watering, it’s like they were never there.

So now I’ve got fiber into the house, ending at a wireless router (since both Leanne and I have wireless Mac laptops), and according to the tests I’ve run, we’re downloading at about 4-5 times the speed of DSL (which wasn’t exactly slow, for what we use it for). And the upload speeds are far quicker than that.

What does this mean in “real life?” Turns out between the wireless router and the limited speeds of many of the websites I go to, well, there’s no really noticable difference. The sales pitch is that the increased speeds will let us surf quicker, enjoy a whole new internet, and raise better children. The downloads will be so quick I can start taking long beach walks in the sunset, learn a foriegn language, and diversify my portfolio successfully. I’m still looking for the pot of gold at the end of the digital rainbow, but it turns out that even at quicker speeds, it’s still the same old crappy internet.


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